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Currently I am not taking new clients for Faster EFT

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To get a FasterEFT session on Skype or in person in Norway please:

1. Book: Use e-mail to make an appointment: jon.harald.gjesdal@gmail.com

2. Accept client agreement. Click here to read it!

3. (If “In Person”: I have payment terminal: You pay with Credit Card after the session. )

Skype: Pay in advance (48 hours). Use the Credit Card/PayPal payment solution below:

NOK 790,- pr. hour.  

Because of its structure a FasterEFT session takes 2 hour.

Total NOK 1.580,-.  

Click the button to pay if you want Skype:

Visa/Master Cards++/PayPal



There is 48-hour deadline to cancel a session. Cancellation of a session that are not paid within the time limit, has to be paid for. This is because it will be difficult for Jon Harald Gjesdal to acquire new clients on short notice to fill canceled session.

If the therapist not would be able to meet, the paid amount will be refunded to the clients PayPal account.


My Skype-name: FasterEFTNorway




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